Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Lately, I have been in such a state of gratitude for every challenge, experience, person and/or growth opportunity that has ever showed up on my door step, which invited me to raise my vibration and fine tune my frequency for multidimensional travel and interaction with all life.

I've been thinking a lot about my integrity of Self, my loyalty to Self and most important love and devotion to Self. I know some might say that sounds really self absorb, but don't we always say that in order to love and truly care for another one must have those feelings and desires for Self? Even in the bible somewhere, I am paraphrasing, now... Jesus says love thy wife, neighbor, brother as thy Self, right? Point, before you can truly love another you must truly love yourself.

The mirror of peace and harmony in one own heart is reflected in  Self love, Self Acceptance and Appreciation, which are critical criteria for the healing, transformation and the evolutionary process of the human consciousnesses and Spirit.

I am deeply gratitude for the healers and light workers that walk this journey with me and who reveal themselves as  new friends, insightful reading, knowledge, teachers, great connections, awesome opportunities and a wealth of wisdom, as knowing and experience. I could go on and on tonight, but I will savor in the juices of my new insights.

Opening up to and surrendering to all the good is truly about being totally present in the moment and allowing for your inner wisdom to guide you in every step and trusting it beyond any doubt of mind. Knowing that you are divine, whole, perfect emanation and complete as you are, right now in this now moment. Letting go of any ideas, thoughts, behaviors, people and/or themes that don't serve you in this NOW moment.

At the end of the day, it's all about what CHOICE did you make and are you satisfied with yourself. Get out your head and into you heart and allow for the synergy of your mind, body and soul to connect to the life force that you are, that I AM. Simple stated, keep it SIMPLE!

I AM emPOWERED by the Inspiration of LOVE!!! Like a MOTH to the flame.....of LOVE! Ouch....the flames are burning intensely! I surrender all to the Good!