Friday, October 14, 2011

Honoring Life Changes

"Love is the Inspiration of my Soul"
My life has shifted again. I a moving in a direction that I have never journeyed before. My mind is of no assistance because it can not conceive that which it has no conscious awareness of, so this pretty much leaves me in the dark. Working with the insights, symbols, messages and nudges along the way. So, in truth I am really not in the dark, right? I see my own personal growth too, because in the past I really would have allowed myself to experience extreme amounts of fear and anxiety within me. The SHIFT, But, lately, the Shift that I speak about has opened up more possibilites for this expanded consciousness and I find myself basking in discomfort of the unseen, unknown, mysteries of life and this SOUL JOURN that is illuminated by my expanded consciousness. I give honor to myself for not leaving myself in the discovery and exploration of self. My Spiritual SOUL JOURN is intentional and I have and continue to do the WORK. I must be honest, sometimes it is painful and scary as hell. My heart and what I feel inside allows for me to surrender to this NU SOUL JOURN with complete trust for I know that I AM being Rightly Guided for greater growth opportunities and transformational experiences.

As I reflect on my transformational experiences along my journey which has lead me  to the realization of reverence for the living expression of God, Love-Beauty that animates and emanates uniquely as the very essence of my beingness. Expressing itself fully as whole and complete radiating vibrant health, abundance and prosperity. Lacking nothing, but open and receptive to inspire love to all those that come into my sphere of influence. One of the greatest insights that I have received through my own dark nights of the soul is that I could have joy in sorrow, which allowed me to gracefully step into a deeping and a awakening to greater compassion of myself and others.

Change is one of those shifts that sometimes throws us off guard because of the unknown factor. However, it is also an opportunity to invite ourselves to take a closer look at How we see ourselves? and What we want and don't want? Basically, an complete self-assessment inventory of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs and wants to check in to see if we are still aligned with our integrity to Self, our intentions and vision.

I have found myself in  a deep reverence each time that I am in a position of honoring my life changes because I have within myself a pure intention to be willing to be authentically compassionate for myself as I need to let go,mourn, grieve my old beliefs, behaviors, places, spaces, people and thoughts that no longer serve my highest good or this NU SOUL JOURN. I choose to bring forth the seeds of wisdom from my past experiences of life's many turns and SHIFTS. I trust the God within as I lean into the invitation to open my heart completely to the this NU SOUL JOURN walking in the purest love vibration which I KNOW is evolving and healing the planet, through the darkness of the transformational fire and CREATING a vortex of Divine Love Intelligence that creates change within myself, every being and inspires spiritual maturity.

I give thanks for all of my life's changes - SHIFTS, that have lead me to this NOW moment! I AM change! I AM grace! I AM harmony! I AM the Eternally Divine Inspiration of LOVE!

Afrakan Violet