Friday, October 14, 2011

Honoring Life Changes

"Love is the Inspiration of my Soul"
My life has shifted again. I a moving in a direction that I have never journeyed before. My mind is of no assistance because it can not conceive that which it has no conscious awareness of, so this pretty much leaves me in the dark. Working with the insights, symbols, messages and nudges along the way. So, in truth I am really not in the dark, right? I see my own personal growth too, because in the past I really would have allowed myself to experience extreme amounts of fear and anxiety within me. The SHIFT, But, lately, the Shift that I speak about has opened up more possibilites for this expanded consciousness and I find myself basking in discomfort of the unseen, unknown, mysteries of life and this SOUL JOURN that is illuminated by my expanded consciousness. I give honor to myself for not leaving myself in the discovery and exploration of self. My Spiritual SOUL JOURN is intentional and I have and continue to do the WORK. I must be honest, sometimes it is painful and scary as hell. My heart and what I feel inside allows for me to surrender to this NU SOUL JOURN with complete trust for I know that I AM being Rightly Guided for greater growth opportunities and transformational experiences.

As I reflect on my transformational experiences along my journey which has lead me  to the realization of reverence for the living expression of God, Love-Beauty that animates and emanates uniquely as the very essence of my beingness. Expressing itself fully as whole and complete radiating vibrant health, abundance and prosperity. Lacking nothing, but open and receptive to inspire love to all those that come into my sphere of influence. One of the greatest insights that I have received through my own dark nights of the soul is that I could have joy in sorrow, which allowed me to gracefully step into a deeping and a awakening to greater compassion of myself and others.

Change is one of those shifts that sometimes throws us off guard because of the unknown factor. However, it is also an opportunity to invite ourselves to take a closer look at How we see ourselves? and What we want and don't want? Basically, an complete self-assessment inventory of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs and wants to check in to see if we are still aligned with our integrity to Self, our intentions and vision.

I have found myself in  a deep reverence each time that I am in a position of honoring my life changes because I have within myself a pure intention to be willing to be authentically compassionate for myself as I need to let go,mourn, grieve my old beliefs, behaviors, places, spaces, people and thoughts that no longer serve my highest good or this NU SOUL JOURN. I choose to bring forth the seeds of wisdom from my past experiences of life's many turns and SHIFTS. I trust the God within as I lean into the invitation to open my heart completely to the this NU SOUL JOURN walking in the purest love vibration which I KNOW is evolving and healing the planet, through the darkness of the transformational fire and CREATING a vortex of Divine Love Intelligence that creates change within myself, every being and inspires spiritual maturity.

I give thanks for all of my life's changes - SHIFTS, that have lead me to this NOW moment! I AM change! I AM grace! I AM harmony! I AM the Eternally Divine Inspiration of LOVE!

Afrakan Violet

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Lately, I have been in such a state of gratitude for every challenge, experience, person and/or growth opportunity that has ever showed up on my door step, which invited me to raise my vibration and fine tune my frequency for multidimensional travel and interaction with all life.

I've been thinking a lot about my integrity of Self, my loyalty to Self and most important love and devotion to Self. I know some might say that sounds really self absorb, but don't we always say that in order to love and truly care for another one must have those feelings and desires for Self? Even in the bible somewhere, I am paraphrasing, now... Jesus says love thy wife, neighbor, brother as thy Self, right? Point, before you can truly love another you must truly love yourself.

The mirror of peace and harmony in one own heart is reflected in  Self love, Self Acceptance and Appreciation, which are critical criteria for the healing, transformation and the evolutionary process of the human consciousnesses and Spirit.

I am deeply gratitude for the healers and light workers that walk this journey with me and who reveal themselves as  new friends, insightful reading, knowledge, teachers, great connections, awesome opportunities and a wealth of wisdom, as knowing and experience. I could go on and on tonight, but I will savor in the juices of my new insights.

Opening up to and surrendering to all the good is truly about being totally present in the moment and allowing for your inner wisdom to guide you in every step and trusting it beyond any doubt of mind. Knowing that you are divine, whole, perfect emanation and complete as you are, right now in this now moment. Letting go of any ideas, thoughts, behaviors, people and/or themes that don't serve you in this NOW moment.

At the end of the day, it's all about what CHOICE did you make and are you satisfied with yourself. Get out your head and into you heart and allow for the synergy of your mind, body and soul to connect to the life force that you are, that I AM. Simple stated, keep it SIMPLE!

I AM emPOWERED by the Inspiration of LOVE!!! Like a MOTH to the flame.....of LOVE! Ouch....the flames are burning intensely! I surrender all to the Good!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An Open Heart

I've been thinking about what I wanted write about this week, because my life on a day to day basis is filled with insights and transformations. So, in a nut shell there have been so many things that arose in my conscious thoughts and insights this past week. I almost became overwhelmed but I was able to bring myself back to center with the breath. I give thanks for the BREATH! Powerful Gift of love and True Inspiration. Ashe'

Anyway,  I found myself thinking about some of the interesting events that showed up for me and how they seem to trigger several layers of emotions and memories. I am learning to come humbly to the surrendering of this time in my life of healing, revealing, transformation and evolution of my highest possibility. Simply stated, I can really appreciate this growth opportunity that is being presented daily in my life. There is no more time for sleeping. I am fully Awake and this realization deepens with each new insight, experience and connection with source, creative Intelligence and humanity.

The past few weeks I have found myself challenged by a choice that I made that I did not give due diligence too in my decision making process. The whole situation really bothered me and I was unhappy with my behavior, as it was outside my normal behavior in the decision making process. This experience lead me to see more closely the underlining motives of why I did what I did and allowed for me to re-access myself with a compassionate heart. This was a very powerful experience for me. Now, everything appears to have fallen into place and I am going with the flow again.  I found myself feeling a deep intense love for all my sisters in the universe, particularly those at the Agape's Women's Retreat that I attended  this past weekend. I am still floating, such an AMAZING experience this year! I also had a wonderful opportunity to connect deeply with  each of my children and I could really sense their sincere appreciation and love for me. I could see their Light and divine Genius without any filters of opinions, history or judgments. I am really SHIFTING! My heart just keeps expanding and I keep letting go!!!!

I am reminded today, of the fears that people have about the end of the world as they know it. These strong ideas of lack and limitation. The conversations of today, where very interesting because so many of us are good at talking about Consciousness, Divine Creative Intelligence, but what of living It, demonstrating It and being a vessel for IT! I could see today, why we can sometimes be locked into the Matrix under the illusion that we are liberated from it. I'll stop here because this is an entire writing of it's own.....

I am reminded today, that I SEEK to be the CHANGE that I wish to SEE in the WORLD!!! I am reminded that I perceive the world in my own unique way and that I am really okay with that now. I am reminded of how much I love and appreciate myself and my presence on the planet.  

I am reminded today, that I am deeply grateful for the journey I have had so far and the GIFT of this NU exploration and Sol Journ into the unknown mysteries of Cosmic Intelligence within the INNER Soular System. I am finding so much liberation and inner peace in this expansion and revealing of my divine ESSENCE.

I am reminded today, the POWER of Silence and TRUTH! I am reminded today the WISDOM of keeping your OWN confidence and TRUSTING IT!!!

Peace and Light Family!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Starting Another Blog Again

Starting a another blog again.  I've started and closed many blogs over the past 10 years. I would begin with so much passion to share my thoughts, insights, contemplations, reflections, revelations and evolutions of my growth, realizations, depth of healing awareness of past traumas. Like clock work though,  I would lose interest and come up with tons of excuses why I could not sit my tail bone down and dedicate time to writing my thoughts. I would always come back to a feeling of not having enough time or begin to feel over whelmed and doubtful about sharing my thoughts with others.

So, today, Wednesday, July 27, 2011. I make another attempt to capture my voice in print. I've always loved to write and I have kept a journal since I was 10 years old, which I give thanks to my grandmother giving me a library card and a journal to resolve my need for answers. I think I might have overwhelmed her with my seeking nature a little.

Over the years, I have found that I would go through periods of daily, weekly, monthly, and sporadically writing in my journals. It's been my creative channel for healing the inner wounds from a life of trauma, which had taken form as psychological, physical and emotional abuse.

You might ask why would I decide to do a blog now. Well, I realize that I would like to write more as a spiritual practice and as a discipline tool for a larger project. I figure you got to start some where and I KNOW that I got to get started NOW! This opens up an opportunity for me to open myself up to this  creative activity designed to reduce my internal stressors and to enhance my vision of becoming an author. It will also support in my affirmation of affirmative Choice to live and practice a holistic life of wellness and wholeness in every aspect of my life.

I have no plan of action of how this blog will unfold. I am not writing for anyone but myself and my only commitment is show up each week and write about whatever is doing me or inspiring me.  In a nut shell this is a KEEP IT REAL blog!

Going with the flow....